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Who’s taking over the world next?

Do you ever think about how much technology has changed everything the past decade. And when I say everything I literally mean everything. The way we talk to people, the way we learn, the way we move, and just generally our life. 

The idea of self driving cars is a scary one to think about. Getting in a vehicle that you essentially have no control over, just the trust between your commands and what the car decides to do with them. At some point it is going to be a type of marketing scheme where self driving cars will go a certain route just to ensure you see a specific billboard advertisement. This would be the real world equivalent to a pop up ad, but instead of hitting a little X to disregard it your mind would already be manipulated so much to the point of world domination by technology. 

Have you ever seen the Disney movie “Smart House”? It’s the classic childhood bedtime scare. Where a family wins a computerized house and everything seems fine and dandy, until they want to shut her off for their own privacy. However this computer can control everything in the house so when it hears about them wanting to shut it down they get trapped and held hostage by their own house! Take a look at this video clip from the movie. As their robot nanny become very aggressive and hostile.

This is an actual fear that we need to start thinking about due to how quickly technology is advancing. Now don’t get me wrong the movie “Smart House” was made in 1999 which was a time that most people still didn’t know the works of technology, therefore they didn’t take much thought to it. But we are to the point of using technology every hour if not every half hour so maybe it’s time to start thinking about this absurd subconscious night time commentary.


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2 thoughts on “Who’s taking over the world next?

  1. I really enjoyed your topic choices, as technology is extremely prevalent in today’s world. Our generation has never really known life without technology, and more than likely, never will. The part about self-driving cars was particularly interesting, as you are analyzing situations beyond crashes and mishaps by explaining that cars could become advertising techniques for wealthy companies– which is something that I can totally see happening.

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  2. This was a very interesting read, and truly hits home to our generation. It was especially interesting how you mention the Disney TV show about technology and how they lost privacy. Online privacy is a real issue in today’s day and age.


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